No matter what your needs T.E.D can supply the crating solution. Select from our tried and proven models listed below or consult with us for a fully custom solution.

Museum Crates

TED's classic Museum crate meets the standard expected by Museums, galleries and astute collectors worldwide. It’s the original and the best using only quality materials. Multiple levels of environmental buffering, including thermal insulation, are incorporated. Available with archival lining they are well suited to storage solutions. Re-usable packaging systems are reliable and user-friendly. Rent or Purchase TED Museum Crates.

Touring Crates

Touring Crates

All the security and function, including thermal insulation, of the Museum crate. The crates are unpainted and bolt lid fixtures are simplified offering real economies for those wishing to purchase quality Museum Standard crating.

Standard Crates

Our expertise informs a complete range of robust modular and custom packing solutions with flexible specifications to suit multiple or single uses. Practical and durable crates cater to long or short haul transport environments, exposition, storage or international freight uses. Affordability is important but reliability is essential.

Lightweight Crates and Packs

Designed to reduce overall package weight in the handling, freight and storage environment. Lightweight crates and packs use timber in combination with heavy duty card and high grade plastics to achieve real protection and ease of handling.

Other solutions.
T.E.D is constantly innovating. Fully customized solutions including lightweight cardpacks, palletising, break-bulk, knockdown, nested, rolling and various other solutions are fabricated to best fit client needs. If you have any queries about our crating service or require an estimate please contact us.

Some of our Crates


T.E.D. is a Certified Manufacturer and can provide ISPM 15 Compliant crates in accordance with International Quarantine Standards in force from April 01 2005. More on ISPM15

F.S.C timber

TED sources all solid timbers from an F.S.C. certified wood mill.