ISPM15 Compliant Crates (What is ISPM15?)

ISPM15 ia quarantine standard enforced around the world by participating countries since April 01 2005. Australia began enforcement from September 01 2005.

Packing crates and packaging must meet ISPM15 standards on entry to participating countries including imports or re-entries. Only ISPM15 certification and stamping will enable smooth transit into participating countries. The consequences of not being compliant and certified may include refusal of entry and mandatory return shipping, compulsory Quarantine treatment or destruction - all at the shippers cost. 

T.E.D. is an ISPM15 compliant and certified manufacturer. According to extensive audited Quality Procedures export products are manufactured compliant and Stamped with the internationally recognized logo including TED’s dedicated Licence Number. When utilizing new export products manufactured by TED there is no need for Methyl Bromide Fumigation to achieve compliance. As a result our supply chain is uninterrupted and delivered free of any residual treatment.